Corinne Vargas, MS, CCC-SLP

I am an actuary turned communication consultant and coach.

How exactly does that happen?

I worked in actuarial consulting for over 6 years, which helped me to understand what worked in business and what did not. No matter what your line of business, success and failure factors can seem common:  Sales effectiveness, internal morale, attracting top talent, market competition, resiliency to change . . .  blah blah blah. The problem is many people think they know them all.

What has become clear to me as my career evolves is the factor that impacts all of these components is an individual’s soft skills. Whether presenting a pitch, strategy change, conflict or bad news,  quantitative output (boring!), or even the most exciting ideas, the result starts (and ends) with communication.

But why did I pursue this transition?

I made it my mission to educate myself. I studied formally through a master’s degree in speech-language pathology and also informally by continuing to assess communications across a broad range of situations and interactions. I learned both clinically and colloquially: What is boring, interesting, appalling, and enthralling? This holistic approach has enabled me to understand all the aspects of communication that make up each experience.

Today I work with individuals and groups from all over the world in different industries and professions.  My goal is to help my clients use soft skills as their allies. I pride myself on teaming with my clients to understand their needs, aspirations, and concerns.  My approach includes developing tailored plans alongside personal coaching to achieve real, quantifiable results.

Corinne Vargas, MS, CCC-SLP

What we do

Accent Modification
Reduce accent to increase clarity of speech. Some areas of focus include sound production emphasis,
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Executive Coaching
Collaborative program including training and guidance for everyday business communication. Some area...
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Interview Preparation
Interview readiness coaching. Some areas of focus include question/response training, non-verbal eff...
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Presentation & Pitch Coaching
Training to increase presentation and pitching skills. Areas of focus include content management, vo...
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Professional Writing
Written communication coaching focused on purpose and results. Some areas of focus include resume wr...
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