Interview Preparation

Supporting diverse professionals and businesses by developing effective communication.

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Interview readiness coaching.

Some areas of focus include question/response training, non-verbal effectiveness, authenticity strategies, and content review and refinement.

Clients can expect:

  • A personal communication profile including style, strengths, and development areas.
  • A tailored plan to develop communication skills and build client brand.
  • To be clear in messaging of personal knowledge base, past experience, and current abilities.
  • Confidence in transition and experience based stories clarifying messaging and delivery.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of communications in various interview settings and scenarios.
  • A resume review providing suggestions and increases resume connection to interview presentation.

Recent Webinar
Dynamic Interviewing – Obtaining the Position You Want​

About This Webinar

During these trying times, interview skills are paramount for obtaining a position, stepping up in your current company or even pivoting into a new industry altogether. This session will cover techniques to bolster your confidence in verbal and non-verbal interview skills for in-person settings and virtual modalities. Specifically, the session will cover a proprietary interview approach that utilizes your past experience to support your next aspiration(s).

Watch the webinar